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Foods that should be avoid when you have sinus

Our newsletter this week will be focusing on: Foods to avoid.


  1. The correct PH balance.
  2. Foods to be avoided.
  3. Foods you should include in your diet.
  4. A Break down of foods to avoid and alternatives.


1. The correct PH balance

The correct diet plays an important role in the treatment of sinusitis.
Most sinus sufferers with sinus trouble also suffer from acidity therefore their diet should be more towards the alkaline side.


The intake of salt should be minimumal as salt eventually leads to high quantities of water in the tissues and expels calcium from the body.


If the sinus sufferer has a fever ,he/she should only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices diluted with water in the proportion 50:50 until the fever subsides.

2. Foods to be avoided.

Sinus sufferers should completely avoid:

  1. Fried
  2. Starchy foods
  3. White sugar
  4. White flour
  5. Rice
  6. Pies
  7. Cakes
  8. Strong spices
  9. Meat and meat products.


  1. Butter should be used sparingly.
  2. Honey should be used for sweetening.
  3. All kinds of fruits can be taken with the exception of those belonging to citrus group such as lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit.
  4. Milk should be taken in liberal quantities as it contains calcium which has an effect in overcoming inflammation of the tissues.
  5. All cooked foods should be freshly prepared for each meal.
  6. Vegetables should be taken in liberal quantities.

3. Foods you should include in your diet.

A diet rich in natural vitamin A is your best defense against sinus problems.

Vitamin A is known as membrane conditioner and it helps build healthy mucus membranes in the head and throat.

Some of the valuable sources of this vitamin are whole milk, curds, egg yolk, pumpkin, carrot, leafy vegetables, tomato, mango and papaya.

4. A Break down of foods to avoid and alternatives.

  1. Dairy products - Are known to cause sinus problems.You can include sardines, seaweed and leafy green vegetables which are much better sources of calcium.
  2. Fruit juice - It is much better if you eat fruit rather than drink a fruit juice. Fruit Juices have a higher concentration of carbohydrates and has preservatives.
  3. Caffeine - Weakens your adrenal glands.
  4. Refined sugars -AVOID refined sugars as your body can't break these down.
  5. Sodas - Sodas attack your stomach.
  6. Fermented foods - Mustard and mayonnaise causes your body's PH to be imbalanced.



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