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Post Nasal Drip is essentially the flow of mucus down the back of the throat. It is a common condition which plagues millions around the world with little or no treatments available to put an end permanently to the constant dripping.

The SinusWars2 remedy is jam-packed full of natural ingredients formulated to go to work on the body systems responsible for not only producing mucus (goblet cells) but also on the bodies mucus removers, the cilia.

SinusWars2 stimulates goblet cell regulation thereby decreasing mucus secretion levels down to normal. It also effectively targets sluggish cilia or mucus sweepers, providing them with the necessary means to effectively sweep nasal mucus away thereby preventing the development of post nasal drip, congestion and blocked nasal passages. SinusWars2 goes to work on the following symptoms:
  • Acute and Chronic post nasal drip with sticky-thick mucus 
  • Throat irritation, sore throats and coughing 
  • Halitosis or bad breath which often goes hand-in-hand with post nasal drip
  • Promoting drainage through the nasal passage
6 week supply (84 Tablets)


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