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SinusWars7, the Super Unblocker.
A Look at the In-Depth actions of the Ingredients within the SinusWars7 Remedy

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Conventional nasal decongestants usually come with unwanted side effects. SinusWars7 is an all-natural; side-effect-free formula that is highly effective in reducing nasal congestion. The ingredients within the SinusWars7 Remedy help to liquefy thick, trapped mucus. This then allows the mucus to drain from the nose and sinuses. Associated symptoms of congestion such as pain and pressure are also ultimately relieved.

The ingredients within the SinusWars7 Remedy act in the following ways:

Mercurius Sulphuris Rubrum is an ingredient made from Red Sulphide of Mercury and is added to treat fluent coryza and thick mucus discharge. It reduces post nasal drip and targets thick mucus that is discharged in lumps.

Calcarea Carbonica is made from Carbonate of Lime and helps to heal dry, sore and ulcerated nostrils. It clears a blocked nose and rids the nasal passages of fetid, yellow discharge whilst reducing swelling at the root of the nose and remedying nosebleeds. Carbonate of Lime also helps heal pain in the nose and sinuses and is useful in decreasing post nasal drip.

Mercurius Corrosivus remedies excessive coryza. It assists in helping the body heal any perforations in the nasal septum. It soothes rawness and burning in the nostrils and reduces post nasal swelling. This ingredient also helps heal mucus membranes that are dry, red and covered with bloody mucus. It stops nose bleeds that are caused by dry, thick mucus by ridding the nasal passages of this mucus.

Lachesis Mutus heals sensitive nostrils and stops nosebleeds. It stops paroxysms of sneezing. It is a powerful decongestant and thereby removes blockages. Lachesis is an ideal additive when coryza is preceded by a headache.

Pulsatilla Pratensis, more commonly known as the Wind Flower is particularly indicated when acute pain at the root of the nose is experienced. It restores a loss of smell and gets rid of large green fetid scales in the nose. Pulsatilla Pratensis reduces coryza and blockages within the nose that may be experienced more towards the evening. It also reduces yellow mucus that is abundant in the morning and treats post nasal drip.

Myristica Sebifera, also known as Brazilian Ucuba has great antiseptic properties. It decongests and therefore unblocks the nasal passages and sinuses.

All the ingredients within the SinusWars7 Remedy are naturally homeopathic and side effect free. A lot of conventional nasal decongestants produce what is known as a rebound effect when treating congestion. When this occurs, symptoms initially disappear and soon after using the conventional treatment return, proving to be even worse than before.

SinusWars7 will not cause rebound congestion to occur but rather alleviate and treat the underlying cause of the congestion. Not only does the SinusWars7 Remedy get rid of congestion but it relieves pain and pressure that congestion can cause. It prevents halitosis by stopping infected mucus from building up in the sinuses and by removing unhealthy mucus, promotes the production of normal, healthy mucus present within the sinus cavities.

It is very disconcerting not being able to breathe normally due to an obstruction in the nasal passages. Mouth breathing also causes dryness of the mouth and can be uncomfortable and result in an unpleasant bad breath.

SinusWars7 ingredients complement each other and together form a powerful healing tool to rid the body of congestion.


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