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SinusWars Testimonials and Reviews Page 1
These are real testimonials, however please note that individual healing and recovery depends on overall health and how long you have suffered with your condition.

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I had polyps in my sinuses, so bad, I could not breathe and I was in pain.
My sinuses had been getting progressively worse for several years. I went to a doctor. He did some tests. He wanted to operate. I came home and looked on-line, found Sinuswars. I ordered SinusWars13.
After a few days, a polyp actually fell out of my nostril! The polyps kept coming out in the days that followed. I suffered for a long time before I found out my problem. I am so glad I found out about Sinuswars13!

L. Bowlby (IN - US)


I had a severe sinus infection the first week of August. I went to my PCP and was given a shot and antibiotics. I did not get any relief. I just happened to see your ad, while I was searching natural remedies online. I was so excited!! I immediately called in. By this time I had been sick for two weeks after treatment from my PCP. I spoke with Adam. He got me started right away. He was awesome! He was so encouraging. I emailed Tony along the way and he also helped tremendously. The person who got me right back on track was Louis. We spoke on the phone during the time I really thought I was going to die. I had been severely sick for six weeks! He was so kind and helpful. He kept me on Sinus Wars 8, Sinus Wars 2 and Sinus Wars 1. He increased my dosage to two tablets twice a day and WOW! He was right! I felt better in three days!! God bless him. I teach school and I cannot miss school. I was so weak and exhausted from the infection, coughing, and horrible drainage. I have taken the two tablets each of SW8, SW2 and SW 1 for two weeks. I am SO much better! I cannot thank Sinus Wars enough for helping me. You guys are on the front lines of "Sinus Wars" and you truly know how to fight a debilitating condition.

Things I learned: #1 You must be patient. This is an awesome remedy, but you must be patient. Good things come to those who wait. #2 Lean on the customer support staff at Sinus Wars. If you have any questions or concerns, call or email them. They are ready to answer any questions. They are truly experts in the field of sinus health. #3 Trust Sinus Wars. They are a trustworthy company.

R. McBryde (AK - US)

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my husband starting using SinusWars 2 for Post nasal drip and it's been nothing short of a miracle. He's suffered with extreme post nasal drip for over 30 years - and has tried all over the counter, prescription & naturopathic doctor recommendations — to no avail. Less than 2 weeks on SinusWars and he was getting major relief… it's over a month now and problem almost completely eradicated.

I had been diligently "googling" the internet to find information on natural ways to deal with this problem. We feel very fortunate to have come across your product.

Keep up the great work!!
With deep appreciation,
Barry (CT -US)

Your product is the best thing that happened to me since 2 years ago when I lost my sense of taste and smell.  After only the first tablet my taste and smell returned, and now I feel like my life is back. Thank you for your miracle formula.

Kind regards,
Lindsey V (New Zealand)


I just received my bottle of sinus wars 2, and I will admit I did not believe the product would work. I quit smoking 5 1/2 years ago and my sinus has been miserable all those years. Constant nasal drip, white coated tongue, Eustachian tubes full of fluid, sinus infections, headaches etc.

Actually my life as it once was was gone, my family always said  oh you are sick again, I was tired of getting ill and having allergic reactions, burned throat, frozen back and neck muscles from very bad prescription medicine.  The Doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me, I said no to any ENT Dr, not having any scopes stuck in me.

I was searching natural herbs I did find kail mur, and gave up doomed to live the rest of my life miserable.

I received my bottle on Wednesday June3, 2015, took the first pill at 330pm est, I had a full congested head and ears, and post nasal drip so bad into my stomach I was nauseous in the morning. My stomach was not right, and I could not stop the nasal drip and congestion.

By early evening I felt different, I had loud thunder thumping in my ear canals, and then I realized I had no post nasal drip or head congestion, no inflamed nose, nothing. I waited  and the next day took my 2 pills, and I am still 99 percent clear for the first time in over 5 1/2/ years.

I am amazed, happy and so blessed that finally I feel normal, not unbalanced with vertigo and  that sickly feeling is gone.

I thank you so much for your product and I will tell so many  people  I know, and when they see me they will see the difference as they suffer the same as I did.

Thanking You So Much

D Deanne (FL -US)


To start, thank you! 

I've been dealing with post-nasal drip now for the better part of 15 years. I've been in and out of doctor's offices who have called it Allergic Rhinitis, Non-Allergenic Rhinitis, and tonsilitis. I'm 31 this year and I just underwent a tonsilectomy that hurt like hell (which helped in removing chronically infected tonsils) but didn't completely solve the problem. I was still basically gagging on my own post nasal drip. YUCK! 

It's been a real pain in the ass. It's a vulgar thing to spit every five seconds in public because you can't speak without clearing it out. I carried a handkerchief for the last 5 years or so because I needed a way to clear it out indoors and wiping it was the only option. Now that I'm in the professional world, people don't want to see or hear that. It's unsightly and it shows poor health. 

I bought Sinuswars 2, got it in the mail today, took my first dose and already I feel better. I don't like to use the word miracle or cure but it sure seems to do what all of the Benadryl, and other antihistamines couldn't. 

I really hope that you can use this email as one of your testimonials. You have a customer for life. 

Thank you again!

R Smith (IL- US)


I just ordered my 3rd bottle of SinusWars1 - Allergy Force. I have suffered from bad allergies  all of my life and it seems to have gotten worse as I get older. I live in FL and I'm a very  avid scuba diver and spearfisherman. The past 5 years my diving has suffered due to these  allergies, which prohibit me from clearing my right ear on descent. My right ear always feels blocked and I really have to force it clear, which is not good.

I usually have two ear infections per year due to my allergies, not to mention feeling dizzy and spaced out most of the day.
I've tried various remedies over the years, including just about all otc and prescription medicines. While searching the internet I found SinusWars and decided to give it a try. I have been taking SinusWars1 and it has been a real blessing. I noticed a big difference on the second or third day. I could clear my ears easily, the pressure in my head has been eliminated and my blurry vision has gotten much better. 
I was also having frontal sinus pain and it has disappeared. I'm currently taking a maintenance dose of 1 tablet every morning. If I am scuba diving, I make sure to take 2 tablets/day at least 3 days before diving. 

Thank you SinusWars! I never knew I could find a product like yours with absolutely NO side effects.   

J. Rice - Florida


Thank you so much. It is realy great to know there are still people like you guys, honest, kind and do put the heart on the business. I mean do not think only about money, but also about the people to get their health back.

I know how hard it is, for people out there to trust in all these billions products that are on the on-line market. And is important for all of us to get to know and trust at least them like we need to.
I know you already know about this, but after I got this problem, I found out how many people have had just like me. Some of them for several years, and do you know what is incredible hard to believe? Some of them think that it is because their age, or that it is just normal. So they have learnt to live with this. It is very sad and horrible!

Have a nice summer and again, thanks for your help.

With my best regards
Iva (Brazil)


My wife has total loss of taste and smell and as a last resort ordered your sinus wars 30. Within a week she was regaining some taste.

F. Corin (New Zealand)


I used the SinusWars product for post nasal drip before. But a year later the mucus blockage feeling in the back of my throat came back due to stress and changes in the atmosphere. The ingeedient in this product - anemone in Greek means daughter of the wind. I believe there is nothing better than taking a holistic approach for the nose, lungs and human heart, so that we all can breathe easy. Thanks for your research and product.

Cindy G (IL -US)


I have gotten over the sinus infection.  Your product is great. 

Margaret D (US - SC)


SinusWars14 is the best product for post nasal drip. I love it because it is the only product that helped me. Thank you, I will definetly order again.

Narine O (US - CA)


I would like to say I have recommended you to my doctor. I have taken your sinusitis formula for your nasol pressure formula and your nasol polyp formula and I am breathing better than I have breathed in three years. I was sceptical at first that it wasn’t going to work but after the 10th week of the polyp formula I sleep all night and I don’t wake up all congested. I went to the doctors last week and there is no sign of any polyp at all in my nose any more. I would recommend u to anyone who is thinking about nasol surgery for nasol polyp to try your products first before going through surgery. I am so glad I did and now I don’t need surgery at all. Thank you so much for such wonderful products.

Sincerely Esther F (US - MI)


I have used up 1 nasal spray and have enjoyed a good 3 weeks of no sinus pain or headaches. Early days in a condition I've had for over 35 years but I'm really encouraged to persevere with SinusWars products.

Nicola (United Kingdom)


I have suffered of nasal polyps since at least 25 years and have had at least 6 surgeries. Few weeks after last surgery, I noticed a polyp in my nose that I could actually see with the help of a light lamp. I decided to try SinusWars and to be honest I was sceptical at the beginning. I have taken SinusWars 13 for 4 weeks and I can feel very clearly the polyp has shrinked and I also have recovered the sense of smelling that I had lost since three or so years and didn’t recover after the last surgery. Definitely SinusWars is working for me and has change my nasal health as traditional medicine never did. I really don’t know why I didn’t discover SinusWars before; my life would had been so different and better. Thanks you so much for this miraculous product.

Galindo – Mexico 


Hi, I just wanted to say that I have been suffering from terrible sinus problems for years and I had tried nearly everything with no success until I came across Sinus Wars. It took a little while to kick in for me but after about a month my sinus headaches were nearly gone. I used to get them nearly everyday and sinus infections at least twice a month. I no longer have that problem using sinus war. It's pleasant to take and amazingly it works. I had nearly given up hope and was getting really down and took a lot of time off work which affected my job in a pretty bad way. I just want to say keep up the good work, and start selling it in New Zealand so I can get it quicker! I have told several people about it and would recommend it to anybody. THANK YOU!

Justine Wilson - NewZealand


For years I have suffered with nasal polyps. I have been to an allergist from day one with no curable results. Final recommendation was surgery. Self investigation of recurrence rate was anywhere from 35 to 47% after surgery. I decided to try Sinus Wars 13 and within a few months my nasal polyps have almost diminished. Its so nice to breath and smell again. I recommend Sinus War produces to everyone. THANK YOU SINUS WARS!!!!

George - US

Thanks, your product Sinuswars13 is great.
"3 years ago I had an operation to remove nasal polyps on both of my nostrils. 
After all these years, there was a relapse, both nostrils completely blocked and have had to breathe through my mouth, this wasn't the worst of it, my hearing was also affected. After i received my Sinuswars 13, there was a great improvement and now I can breathe through my nose again, thanks you so much for such a great product to help people like us."

Michael (Singapore)


I received my order and took my first Sinuswars2 tablet yesterday morning.  I was sitting at my desk around 1pm and suddenly felt a light pop in my nasal passages and the sinus blockage that I have had for about 3 years was gone, totally opened up.  I could not believe that the product could work that fast, but what else could it be?  I sat there with a goofy smile on my face and kept taking deep breaths, it felt so good!  All after only one dose !!  Amazing! 

Looking forward to more improvement in the weeks to come, especially with PND.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

Monica (Canada)


Thank you, Thank you and thank you.
May your organization flourish ad infinitum.

My daughter had a wonderful relief even with the first dose of the Super Unblocker. Before then she had withdrawn from eating well but she ate ravenously immediately after the first dose of a single  tablet. Her appetite was just suddenly restored. It was like a miracle!

Then she took the next dose as you advised. She has completely recovered and her occasional fainting spell disappeared. She is back to her sunny self.

Thank you for your miracle drug. I have popularized Sinuswars with everyone we came in contact with. We just cannot stop sharing our story especially in her school that was most sympathetic to her plight.
The ENT had practically given up but for this miracle drug.

Certainly, miracles come in this form of Sinuswars.

God bless you,
Abiodun Osaye - Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Surprised you answered so quickly. I have to tell you that I took one dose yesterday afternoon after it arrived. I was amazed how quickly I started to drain and clear. This morning, still with only the one dose in me, I am moving out bacteria infected mucus from my sinus. Amazing. I am a believer.

A. Redd (NY - US)

My name is Vasanthi and I suffered from very bad nasal polyps, as a result I constantly mouth breathed. This was a very, very uncomfortable situation and I really suffered until I came across your products - SinusWars. I took Sinuswars13 and 7 and it cleared my nasal polyps. I can now breathe through my nose again. I must say I am truly amazed and must say a very big thank you, to you for always taking my call when I need advice.

Vasanthi (SF)

After taking your no. 13 remedy for just over 3 months I saw a  specialist to discuss further treatment, possibly surgery. Upon examination there were no polyps to be found! The doctor was very interested when I told him about Sinus Wars; he took your web information. I was very pleased, both with the disappearance of the polyps & that the doctor took your remedy seriously.

With thanks & best wishes,
Sophia (Ireland )

Thank you for my 2 remedies - 2 and 16 which I have been taking for 9 days.  I am very impressed with these so far. I can now blow my nose each morning and my sinuses seem to be loosening- a lot seems to be coming out, so I am feeling a lot better.

M Richardson (UK)


Just to let you know my nose was a disaster, really giving me a lot of trouble, I took the sinus wars 13 for 4 days and it is remarkably better. I have been told by a ear nose and throat specialist that I have a large polup in the upper part of my nose, and gave me a steriod spray I have been taking for 2 years. I ordered the sinus wars 1 and have taken one of them and my nose feels better now since the winter season began. I hope it is not to soon to render a judgement, but nose felt so well had to share with you. 

L Noland (KY -US)


Wow your product is amazing. First time in months I've been able to breath through my nose. It works better than prednisone, "which I can't take because of side effects". It took about a week before I notice the difference. A ct scan showed several polyps with almost complete blockage prior to using your product. I'm at least 50% better after 2 weeks, so I'm enjoying life again. It almost seems to good to be true since there are no side effects.

It's sad to think how many people are suffering who don't know about your product. I will certainly get the word out on message boards.

I simply can't thank your company enough

Thank you so much
Harley (FL- US)

I have used sinuswar4 a year ago and it was wonderful. By the way it was so nice to see my last comment on your EarWarrior page...You guys are doing a wonderful job and helping so many people! God bless you for giving us this product. Something natural without side affects like all the other meds we're forced to take.

Kimberly (Chicago, Illinois)
I have been using sinus wars for a month and I have my life back....I have had plugged ears for 10 years and now I can hear so much better and I don't hear myself talking inside of my head anymore. Thank you so much.

Jean (MN-US)

I ordered Sinus Wars 9 and 10 several weeks ago. The results have far exceeded my expectations. Relief started after only 3 days. Within 10 days all sinus problems were gone. Not only were the sinus problems gone but the lack of energy and tiredness that sinus headaches cause were also gone. Sinus Wars has proved to be much more effective than the constant OTC drugs and even the prescription drugs, with their intolerable side effects, that I have been taking for years. No side effects with SinusWars, just relief. No more worries of yet another sinus infection.

Allen (NY-US)


hi i have just started using your product 3 weeks ago no.11 and it has changed my life. All my headaches are gone before i used to wake dreading the familiar throbbing pain behind my right eye i've suffered for years with sinus headaches spent hundreds on doctors and tablets various sprays, your product is the only thing that has worked. So a massive thank you to u all at sinus wars you've made my life a lot brighter

Thanks so much i'm forever grateful.
Pauline (UK)


Ladies and Gentlemen:

My 84-year old mom (Enes Fillhart) has been on Sinus Wars formula 2 since the beginning of 2009. I cannot give enough praise for what this has done for her. Previously, every couple of weeks she would vomit for up to a week the stringy-tenacious mucus along with what looked like a deep yellow bile. Often she would become so dehydrated that a hospital visit was necessary to IV the fluids. Pharmaceuticals prescribed by the allergist and OTC’s recommended by her doctor did nothing to alleviate this. The post nasal drip controlled her life. She has since had a mini stroke and has also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s; and while she still has some draining and stuffiness, she doesn’t have to deal with the extreme PND/vomiting. I thank God for leading us to Sinus Wars!

Janet and Randall (FL -US)


I have been using the Sinuswars number 5 and 13 for about 10 days. The results are amazing! My left nostril was completely blocked and my right
nostril was about 70 percent blocked two weeks ago. After using the
remedies for 4-5 days I could breathe with my right nostril fully and my polyps in left nostril started to disappear too.

Now I can breath very easily without any problem. I had a surgery date for
this month and I will not go to hospital.

Thank you very much for your amazing product and also for your kind
Now I will advise this remedies to all of my friends, relatives ,etc...

Engin (Turkey)


Ever since finishing the sinuswars course, the nasal tone in my voice has almost disappeared, my sore throats are gone and I’m singing on the choir more than ever. I thank God every day for stumbling on your site and ordering your homeopathic medicines, they have helped me as no other medicine has, and for the sincere care and concern you all offer to patients

FR. Theologos -(US- MA)


Just a quick catch up from down under. My son Morgan is thriving on Sinuwars No 9 since we took your advise he hasn't looked back. Thanks again so much. You are the best, thanks again I will email you in the not to distant future.

Yours sincerely
Pauline kemenade (Australia)


I have been using your products (Sinuswars2 and Sinuswars8) since May 3rd and am a new person! I can never thank you enough! While everyone else is suffering, I am feeling terrific.

Susan Hagen (PA)

This is my not my first order from your company. I cannot express in words how excellent your customer service is. From the gentleman that spoke with me over the phone to your quick response to my question.You have an excellent company and I look forward to using this product and the success it will bring ! Many thanks for all your help ! You have the best customer service of any company I've dealt with !

Warmest Regards,
Bob Best
First, let me say that in all my adult life of living with Hay Fever I have NEVER been able to get past the middle of September and all of October without cortisone shots and Hay Fever medications.  And still there was not complete relief.  Years ago I went to an allergy Doctor and took the allergy shots for a long time.  That didn't do much either.  This has been going on for about 30 years. I stumbled on to your website, can't remember how, but I ordered your Sinus Wars #1, after consulting with you, SW.   I started SW#1 in the middle of September which I thought might be too late to make a difference.  Well, I faithfully took the product morning and night.  As a result I have not had to take one particle of Hay Fever meds or even go to my ENT Doctor this Fall '08.  I and my family are amazed beyond belief!   All the horrible itching, sneezing, watery eyes, congestion and a runny nose that just would NOT stop have not plagued me at all this season.

I wish I could truly express my appreciation in great detail but let me just say thank you from the bottom of my heart and my entire sinuses.  Your product has made a grand difference in this Fall for me and I am able to enjoy it for once in a very long, long time.

With great sincerity and thanks,

I received my sinus wars 2 and 4 about a week and a half ago. I have to say I was a little skeptical, but after using your products, I am totally free of post-nasal drip, no coughing, no constant nose-blowing. Thank you so much. I'll be ordering again in the future.

Donna (TN-US


My husband, Mike Jones, is on sinuswars13 for nasal polyps and it’s like a miracle!  He has been on it for 8 weeks and he can breathe through his nose and sleep so much better.  Thank you so much!! 

Thanks again
Susan Jones (CO -US)


Hope you remember me. I am Ashok from India (Chennai).

We had a mail conversation regarding the SinusWars 16 a few months ago. Based on your advice we purchased two bottles of Sinuswars16. Now my father is going to complete the medication course, now he feels little bit better. The ringing noise is his left ear has been reduced more than 40% and in the right ear the sound has been reduced but to that extent as compared to his left ear.

Recently he took an audiogram the results were impressive.

Old reading's

New Reading's

Right Ear

105 decibel

95 decibel

Left Ear

95 decibel

85 decibel

B. Ashok Kumar (India)

I finished my final dose of SinusWars 14 the night before last and Sinuswars 2 about two weeks before that. In the meanwhile on Oct. 9, my chiropracter alerted me to a website which had lists of histamine resistant foods.  I discovered that I had used three major items on the list in far greater quantities during the last year or more. I took these (spinach, strawberries and chocolate) out of my diet. I think the combination of SinusWars products and this diet change has done the trick.  No face attacks and only very infrequent drainage. I have added SinusWars to my "Favorites" list, so that if I ever need you again, I will know right where to go. Thanks for your assistance and attention.
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