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Nasal Polyps Information, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

Nasal polyps are generally soft pearly gray, non-cancerous growths found on the linings of the nasal passages and sinuses cavities. Nasal Polyps usually grow in response to irritated or damaged mucus and nasal membrane linings.

Most common Nasal Polyps Symptoms include:

  • Nasal obstruction/congestion
  • A runny nose (rhinitis)
  • Chronic and recurrent sinus infections
  • Dull headaches
  • Snoring and persistent nasal stuffiness making breathing via the nasal passages difficult
  • Abundant and excessive amounts of nasal drainage
  • Thick, discolored nasal drainage
  • A loss of smell due to nasal polyps blocking olfactory receptors
  • A reduced sense of taste
  • Pain, pressure and throbbing of the face
  • Mouth breathing and dry mouth (xerostomia)

What are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal Polyps (pearly gray lumps developing on the mucus membrane linings) can be visible (hang out of the nostrils) or not visible in that they develop in the deep recesses of the nasal and sinus cavities requiring special medical instruments to identify.

Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyps can cause extreme discomfort as they:

  1. Obstruct air from moving freely through the
    nasal passages.
  2. Provide an area for bacteria to grow and thrive;
  3. If left untreated can lead to the development of septicemia of one or more of the sinus cavities as these persistent growths promote the accumulation of bacteria containing mucus within the sinus cavities.

Stagnation of bacteria containing mucus is often a result of two processes:

  1. Accumulation, occurring due to the body producing excess mucus in response to an irritant, i.e. the nasal polyp.
  2. Inflammation or swelling to the soft tissue linings covering the nasal and sinus cavities which result in a narrowing of the exit ways, preventing normal mucus drainage and allowing for further accumulation of bacteria containing nasal mucus in the cavities and more severe infections.

What do Nasal Polyps look like?
An examination of the nasal cavity with a light and a mirror may reveal pearly gray lumps lying on the floor of the nose close to the nostrils. Nasal Polyps at the back of the nose can however only be seen with special medical instruments.

Other Symptoms of Nasal Polyps

Most people suffering with both sinusitis and nasal polyps often feel uncomfortable and suspect they have a cold or flu.

The following conditions increase the risk of one developing Nasal Polyps:

  • - Asthma
  • - Hayfever
  • - Sinus infections
  • - Sinusitis

What Causes Nasal Polyps?

The 'paranasal sinuses' are air-filled cavities located within the skull. These cavities open into the nose. If the soft tissue lining of the sinuses becomes swollen, they fill up with mucus between their layers causing them to expand into the nose forming a growth called a nasal polyp. Nasal Polyps can also be caused by various diseases in the nasal cavities.

The exact cause of nasal polyps is not known, however several factors are thought to cause Nasal Polyp development:

  • A continuous inflammatory process within the nose and sinuses - This is thought to be a main cause of nasal polyps. Inflammation can be related to allergies; allergens in the atmosphere (pollution, dust etc.) or can be caused by a sinus infection.
  • An overproduction of fluid in the sinus and nasal membranes causes swelling and engorgement of nasal polyps - This is referred to as edema. These fluid-filled bags can enlarge and pop out through the sinus openings into the nasal cavity and are referred to as nasal polyps.
  • Engorged nasal membranes - Irritants such as alcohol and tobacco smoke may expose membranes to infections and result in swelling of the membrane linings.

How can I treat Nasal Polyps?
Steroidal treatments, Nasal Sprays and Surgery.

The removal of Nasal Polyps via endoscopic surgery usually lasts around 12 months before re-growth occurs. Recovery from surgery can take anywhere from 1 to 3 Weeks. Surgery, such as Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), may be necessary in some cases.

As with all surgical removal of Nasal Polyps, around 50% of people experience re-growth of their polyps within a year following surgery.


SinusWars Range of Natural Nasal Polyps Treatment

SinusWars 13 is an all-natural effective homeopathic treatment for nasal polyps. It has been used for the last 9 years and has been consistently improved over the years to become a world leader in nasal polyp treatment.

SinusWars13 assist the body in repairing damaged inflamed and swollen mucous membrane linings. It also has a unique ability to target nasal polyps and assist in shrinking the growth whilst targeting nasal polyp formations. The inherent healing process in each and every bottle of SinusWars13 and SinusWars6 assist in reducing the size and fluidity of nasal polyps, helping prevent future ones from re-growing.

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Join the thousands who have treated their Nasal Polyps with SinusWars today and say goodbye to any further Nasal Polyp Surgeries, Unwanted side-effects experienced with Conventional Medications and the Pain and Discomfort that accompany these tenacious growths
Who is at the risk of getting nasal polyps?
  • Age - Polyps are more common in adults older than 40 years, and children with conditions such as asthma, chronic sinus infections (chronic sinusitis), hay fever (chronic rhinitis) and cystic fibrosis (an inherited disorder that causes respiratory disease).
  • Gender - Women are more likely to develop nasal polyps than men.

Surgery, such as Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), may be necessary in some cases. After surgical removal of polyps, around 50% of people experience re-growth.


Nasal Polyp Remedy

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