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Green Mucus

Mucus, under normal conditions is clear and gel-like in nature… Green nasal mucus or nasal mucus that is any shade of green means it’s time for Treatment!

The main reason ones nasal mucus becomes green is that when the body encounters an invader (bacterial, viral or fungal) it send its fighter agents, white blood cells to the area in a bid to rid the body of these unwanted invaders. During the fight, some white blood cells rupture and die. When they rapture, they release a green pigment which then mixes with nasal mucus resulting in green colored mucus and “boogers”.

Common reasons behind green nasal mucus are:

  • Any viral, bacterial or fungal infection can lead to green nasal mucus;
    Thicker green nasal mucus is often seen in the morning as a result of bacteria, viruses or fungi feeding off nasal mucus whilst you are sleeping;
  • Green nasal mucus can be a result of purulent rhinitis as mucus often mixes with puss to cause a thick, gooey purulent fluid;
  • When green nasal mucus is accompanied by headaches, chronic pressure, high fevers and excessive coughing, treatment should be sought;
  • Eosinophil’s can play a part in making mucus green in color and are often a result of the body fighting viruses like the common cold. Nasal mucus may also become purulent when this occurs;
  • Green nasal mucus is often accompanied by a metallic taste at the back of the throat.

One’s nasal passages may also produce a smurf-like blue-green colored mucus which is a sign of an infection caused by pseudomonas and will require medical treatment.

Remedies that help clear Green Mucus

– Persistent Sinu-Care Remedy

The SinusWars8 – Persistent Sinu-Care Remedy is designed to treat repeated bouts of sinus infections that are non-respondent to antibiotics and which have been present for longer than 12 weeks (3 months). SinusWars8 contains homeopathic anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties thereby helping the body overcome sinus infections whilst increasing immune response and resistance to help prevent future sinusitis attacks.

sinuswars8 SinusWars8 - Persistent Sinu-Care (Chronic Sinusitis) CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SINUSWARS8 >>
Chronic Sinusitis Remedy


For further assistance or help in diagnosing your sinus condition please visit the Sinus Diagnostic Tool.

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