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Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy is, in its origin, a combination of two Greek words, 'homios' meaning 'similar or like' and 'pathos' meaning 'affliction or suffering'. Homeopathic remedies are therefore, a combination of strong, natural substances diluted under strict pharmaceutical guidelines that help your body fight off any unwanted substances that may be the result of your bodily aches and pains. Tactically diluted in small amounts, these homeopathic preparations which can be harmful to a healthy body (in larger doses) fight the causes of illness and give an afflicted body a chance to recover on its own. Homeopathic remedies are based on the principal that the more diluted the remedies are, the more effectively they work.

Homeopathy has developed a reputation, spanning over 200 years, for successfully providing effective treatments for numerous diseases, such as the Cholera epidemic in the 19th century and the Influenza epidemic in the 1920s.

Homeopathy has experienced a 25-50% increase in popularity within the US.

The success of homeopathy can be attributed to three key elements: Natural Ingredients, Extremely Safe and Effective

Homeopathy works

Homeopathy is 100% SAFE

Homeopathy makes use of 100% natural ingredients
  • Homeopathy works by treating the underlying causes of ones symptoms. It is therefore an effective way to achieve permanent healing.

  • The natural ingredients found in homeopathic preparations stimulate your immune system to naturally and quickly sweep away all viruses and germs present in your body, enabling your body to build up antibodies thereby ensuring you have a quick recovery with no known side effects.

  • By allowing your body to build up an immunity and memory to a particular virus or bacteria, homeopathic preparations should help to prevent you from contracting that particular virus or bacteria again. If your body does however contract the same virus or bacteria twice, it should be able to fight off these harmful agents much more efficiently and faster than before.
  • Homeopathic preparations (due to their 100% natural ingredients) are safe for infants, toddlers, teenagers and expecting moms to take.

  • It is also possible for homeopathic preparations to be taken together with any conventional medications one may be on as the homeopathic preparations will have no negative effects on any conventional or prescription medications.
  • Homeopathy takes a holistic view when diagnosing the person. It therefore helps to treat the underlying causes of your symptoms and not only the visible symptoms.

  • Homeopathic preparations are non-addictive and may be taken over a period of time.

  • By taking natural, reliable ingredients from nature (plant, animal and mineral extracts), homeopathy makes use of nature's superb ability to fortify the body's immune system to fight off germs and viruses, leaving you feeling healthy and vibrant.

  • Some of the ingredients used in the preparation of homeopathic preparations may be poisonous. These ingredients are however diluted into minute quantities to avoid any disagreeable side effects and to remove their poisonous properties making them 100% safe for you or your loved ones to take.

A Brief History On Homeopathy

Homeopathy was developed by Dr. Hahnemann in the late 18th century and is based on the philosophy of "like cures like". This principle theorizes that the use of ingredients that induce specific symptoms in a healthy person will actually cure the same symptoms found in a sick person.

The success that homeopathy achieved during various epidemics ensured that this form of treatment grew in popularity. Homeopathy was introduced to Britain by Dr. Quin in the late 1820's and to America by Constatine Hering in 1825.

How Homeopathy works?

Homeopathy principles have a lot in common with immunizations.

At an early age we are given a vaccine to prevent us from catching polio which is prepared using a mild form of the polio virus. This vaccine is actually giving our bodies the polio virus in a small, manageable amount so that our body can build up immunity to this virus as well as enabling our bodies to build up a memory cell so that it can remember the virus for future.

If we do contract the same virus later on in our lives, our body's defenses will then have enough fighting power and knowledge to prevent the virus from causing damage to our delicate body.

By giving the body a small, manageable amount of the virus in a tablet or serum form, Homeopaths around the world believe that our body will help prevent the disease from manifesting in our bodies later on in life should we contract that virus again, which if the virus is left untreated may lead to us having a deadly reaction or may sometimes even be fatal.

How are the SinusWars, homeopathy tablets made?

The raw materials of the SinusWars products (animal and plant extracts all taken from nature) are soluble and able to dissolve in an alcohol/water mixture. This mixture contains 90% pure alcohol and 10% distilled water (this ratio will however depend on the substance being dissolved).

The alcohol, water and natural extracts dilution is then left to stand for 2-4 weeks, shaken occasionally and then once the desired amount of time has passed, strained through a press. The resulting liquid is known as the mother tincture.

When insoluble substances such as gold, calcium carbonate or graphite are used in the homeopathic preparations, they must be ground continually to form a fine powder so they too become soluble. This process is known as triturating and makes it possible to add the insoluble ingredients together with the soluble ingredient thereby developing a suitable remedy to treat sinusitis and any related ailments.

The end result is phenomenal, not only have we produced a 100% natural remedy whose ingredients are taken directly from nature, but we have also found an all-natural way to treat sinusitis. The SinusWars remedies are:

  • Completely safe and have no known side effects.
  • Contain no alcohol as the alcohol evaporates during the long process of producing the SinusWars homeopathic tablets.
  • Gives your body the natural ingredients it needs to efficiently and effectively fight off any sinusitis or sinus related symptoms.
  • Manufactured using the freshest and finest ingredients.
  • Safe to take with any conventional/prescription medication you may be currently taking.

SinusWars has 18 fabulous and reliable homeopathic remedies enabling you to live a complete and healthy lifestyle, free from sinusitis, tinnitus and other sinus related illnesses.

Don't let sinus problems stop you from achieving your dreams. presents 18 distinct and reliable homeopathic remedies produced specifically for sinus infections, sinusitis and tinnitus. Click here to view products.


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