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Behavioural or Life-style related risks
  • Frequent flying or scuba diving results in changing altitudes and can not only cause but also make current sinus infections worse. Different altitudes and air pressures result in an inflammation of the paranasal and frontal sinus cavities. In severe cases bleeding of the nasal mucus linings may also occur due to the inflammation.
  • Frequent dental work may cause damage to the delicate sinus cavities which lie directly above the upper teeth.
  • Over usage of nasal decongestants may cause initial drying out of the excess mucus, however the bodies normal reaction to these dry nasal passages is to produce more mucus thereby promoting the development of sinusitis.
  • Swimming in chlorinated water may cause an irritation and inflammation of the mucus membrane linings making a person more susceptible to a bacterial invasion. The water also results in the cilia (hair like structures in the nasal passages responsible for transporting mucus) performing poorly thereby reducing mucus drainage.
  • Pregnancy causes hormonal changes to occur in a women's body which may lead to an increase in mucus production and post nasal drip. If sinusitis does occur it is always best to consult a doctor on which medication you may use as not to harm the baby.
    Birth control pills may cause similar sinusitis symptoms.
  • When a person is hospitalized for a head injury a nasogastric tube is usually inserted into the nasal passages which may cause damage and inflammation to the delicate mucus membranes making these linings highly susceptible to sinusitis causing bacteria and viruses.
  • A diet consisting of refined foods and dairy products such as milk or cheese causes an allergic reaction and swelling of the mucus membranes in certain sinus suffers which promotes the formulation of mucus in both persistent and chronic sinusitis.
  • Certain medications may predispose one to sinusitis, and it is always best to consult your doctor to find out if any of the medications you are on increase the likelihood of you developing sinusitis.
  • As one develops from childhood and adolescence to adulthood, the likelihood of them developing sinusitis increases. Children who have had their adenoids and tonsils removed are also more likely to succumb to sinusitis.
  • Working around children may increase your risk and increase the severity of contracting sinusitis. This is because children often carry bacteria which tend to be resilient to conventional antibiotics. A doctor will need to be consulted and a culture of the mucus sent to laboratories for testing to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment for you sinusitis.
  • Smoking results in the cilia (hair like structures responsible for effectively transporting mucus) to slow down. This slowing down results in post nasal drip and the mucus becoming thick and tenacious allowing bacteria to accumulate. Non-smokers who are exposed to second hand smoke may also experience a slowing down of cilia functioning.
    Smokers are also less likely than non-smokers to have a full recovery after sinus surgery due to progressive damage of the cilia and nasal linings of the nose and sinus cavities.
    Asthma and respiratory infections are more common in people who inhale second-hand smoke regularly.

Causes of sinusitis can be broadly classified

Click on any of the following to get more information on each of the different causes

  1. Inflammatory and infectious causes
  2. Structural or anatomical causes
  3. Behavioural or life-style related risks
  4. Inherited or acquired causes
  5. Environmental causes



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