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Loss of Smell and Taste Information, Treatment and Relief

We often take for granted the ability to smell and taste and only realize this once these vital senses are lost. Our ability to smell and taste allows us to enjoy delicious foods and savor their rich aromas. This ability also plays an important role in warning us against fires, poisonous substances or even certain gasses which may be harmful or even life threatening.

Generally when you cannot smell, you cannot taste.

The two senses work in harmony to make you aware of your surroundings and to enjoy life’s pleasures. If one gets interrupted, the other suffers as well.

A person's ability to taste and smell may be explained in a simple equation:

The ability to taste = (and is influenced by) one's ability to smell an aroma.

Try holding your nose and eating something you enjoy most. The result would be that your favorite food doesn't taste as good anymore and has lost its beloved flavor! This example corresponds to when one has a cold with blocked nasal passages; food becomes tasteless and dull, as you are unable to smell the foods delicious aromas.

SinusWars has been at the forefront of R&D for Loss of Smell and Taste and have combined the best proven homeopathic ingredients to treat a wide variety of Loss and Smell and Taste cases.

What are the different types of Loss of Smell and Taste?
  • Anosmia is the complete loss of one's ability to smell
  • Hyposmia is a partial loss of one's ability to smell
  • Ageusia is the complete loss of one's ability to taste
  • Hypogeusia is the partial loss of one's ability to taste
  • Parosmia is a condition were one's sense of smell is distorted or where one smells certain odors that are not present, i.e. Phantom odors
  • Dysgeusia is a condition were one tastes abnormal phantom tastes

What are the causes of a Loss of Smell and Taste?
  • People over the age of 30 tend to gradually lose their ability to smell aromas. This may be due to a degeneration of the nerve cells which control smell, together with a loss of sensitivity in one’s taste buds.
  • Men, regardless of age have a lower ability to distinguish between odors.
  • Smoking causes damage to the nasal membranes and reduces one's ability to identify odors. Foods will also become tasteless as a result of smoking and one may even lose his/her ability to smell aromas.
  • Certain nervous system diseases or radiation treatment for cancer patients may result in a lack of taste and smell.
  • Nasal polyps or growths blocking the nasal passages or sinus cavities diminish ones sense of smell as aromas will not reach the receptor areas where ones sense of smell is formed.
  • A small percentage of the world's population is born without the ability to smell. This condition is called congenital anosmia.
  • Another cause of loss of smell and taste may be upper viral or respiratory infections.
  • Sinusitis or blocked nasal passages cause a blockage in air flow; this reduces the amount of aromas reaching the smell receptors.
  • A trauma to the head may lead to a partial or permanent loss of smell as the nerves responsible for smell may be damaged or contain scar tissue.
  • In rare cases, a loss of smell may be due to a non-malignant brain tumor.
  • Gingivitis or gum diseases may predispose one to having a loss of smell or taste.

Vitamin B12 and Zinc are two important components which help with one’s taste, smell and appetite. A deficiency in the above two may result in a diminished sense of smell or taste and perhaps even weight loss.

How does a doctor test one's ability to Smell or Taste?

There are a variety of methods a doctor may use to test one's ability to smell and taste. These include:

  • "Scratch and sniff" tests where a patient is required to scratch an area on a certain piece of paper containing a specific aroma and identify the aroma.
  • If ones loss of smell is due to an obstruction in the nasal passages or sinus cavities, a doctor may perform a nasal examination using an endoscope or nasal telescope.
  • If the problem lies with ones nerves which control the sense of smell, an X-ray or CAT scan may be required to identify the problem.

What are the Symptoms of a Loss of Smell and Taste?
  • Food substances may have a slight metallic taste.
  • One may experience a gradual dislike to foods as they are tasteless and offer no variety.
    This may also result in weight loss as skipping meals throughout the day may occur.
  • A gradual loss of smell and taste may be due to a cold/flu or sinus infection. If after the cold or sinus infection has cleared up, your sense of smell and taste has not returned, it is important that you visit your GP so that he/she can identify any underlying cause for your loss of smell or taste.

How can I effectively treat my Loss of Smell and Taste with SinusWars30?

SinusWars30 is one of the leading homeopathic medicines out there to treat Loss of Smell and Taste. This natural remedy was designed based on thousands of individual cases and is sufficiently generalized to provide a safe and effective remedy to not only treat the symptoms but the underlying cause of the problem. SinusWars30 contains a blend of the finest ingredients that work hard together to improve our god given ability to smell and taste.

SinusWars30 - Ultimate Loss of
Smell and Taste Remedy
Complete Relief from Loss of Smell and Taste.


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